Info On Solar Panels

When thinking of solar panels, I first wanted to know, where they came from? After researching the origin of solar panels, come to find out solar panels have been around for years. Since Seventh century B.C. The first account of solar energy being used was through the use of a magnifying glass to start fires for reason such as heat to cook and stay warm. Believe it or not, Albert Einstein was very important to start of solar power energy. He wrote a paper titled, ” photoelectric effect and how light carries energy”.

The real purpose of solar panels were built to cost consumers / homeowners less money, and to be more efficient in generating power. This system of solar panels have been the best energy source for years.

Businesses like using solar panels because the concept is to harness energy from the Sun, and recycle power usage. This can be achieved as fast as an hour. Solar energy is convenient because it can be reusable. Solar panels comes in two forms. One type is identified as photovoltaic panels. These panels is used frequently. This panel converts sunlight into usable energy. The second form is identified as solar thermal panels.These panels are frequently used to heat water by integrating the sun’s energy. Most consumers used this type of panel to keep houses warm and swimming pools heated. 

On average homeowners or business owners see the difference in their electricity bill immediately. Homes that have solar panels are added bonuses to any house on the market. They normally sell really fast once they hit the buyers market. Technology can play a key part in lower installation fees and set up. The advancement of technology can even create new ways to make solar panels better, stylish or marketable to the public. 

A lot of business owners and homeowners love solar panels because of the maintenance. Once the solar panels install there is almost no maintenance required. The only real task is to make sure that it is in a clean area and stays fairly clear of leaves, dirt. The rain helps remove most of the dirt and grit from the rooftop. Solar panels hold a very long life span of 35 years plus. A Lot of common warranties cover up to 25 years. So, you really only have to be concerned with your solar panels conditions after the first 25 years or so. I only say this because you won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty unless you buy an extended warranty in addition to the regular warranty.

A great thing about solar panels is that you don’t need direct sunlight for it to work. This is a great selling point to me because you still save money without direct sun. The panels still work on cloudy days, rainy days and even in the winter climates. My concern was the winter climates because of the below zero degree weather and precipitation from the freezing snow.

With all the positives to solar panels there are a few cons to them from consumers. One con is solar panels produce no electricity at night. This is a game changer for me because night time is the time most people need the use of power. Whether it’s a business owner or homeowner both need their major use of power primarily. There are some things that can fix these issues. The best solution is to have a solar battery storage system. This system works by saving excess energy to the battery. Which hence still is a cost saving and makes solar panels more valuable. 

Another issue with solar panels comes with installation of the panels. The installation involves the shape of the house and rooftop. Then the actual location of the house or building.Location is important. One reason is being in an area with imprudent submission conditions like rain or wind can cause performance issues with solar panels. One major issue is that solar panels are not efficient in hot climates, such as Las Vegas. This is because solar panels use cells from sunlight and not direct heat. The panel decreases in performance the higher the degrees in temperatures.

One of the states that uses solar power is nicknamed solar power Virginia. About 35 percent of power is used with solar energy in Virginia. Which leads to about 28,500 MW use of solar panels in Virginia. When you install solar panels , you get about six point eight percent on your investment.[1]In Virginia they have a lot of different solar power companies. The Solar panels plus is one of the top solar companies in Virginia. I saw great reviews from there service.

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